Capturing Group Footage in STUDIO

Group Footage

In our STUDIO App, by simply selecting multiple Artists with a simple click on each one, any media or notes you capture, the Images, Video will be added to each of their profiles.

This means you can capture into footage on 1 Artist, then another separately, select them both and capture group footage on them, thus allowing you to allocate the right footage to the right Artists with ease.

If you move one Artist forward through callbacks and not the other, each still has that group footage as reference, so you won’t lose anything in the process… We thinks thats kinda clever, a bit like magic !


Switch an Artist to another role

Switch an Artist to Another Role

A request we had from users was that often an Artist is shortlisted for one role however they are better suited to another in the project. So rather than have you delete them and add them again in any kind of complicated way , we added SWITCH an easy option for you to switch an Artist from one role to another in 1 click !

We like to make things simple at Audition Magic, we hope you enjoy the feature.

Select Your Artist’s Hero Shot

Select Hero Artist Image

Importing your job from AT2 seamlessly sets up your auditions with the profile images of the Artists and gives you access to all of their images, but often you will capture images of the Artists either by camera and upload them or in STUDIO using our Mac Desktop App, in either case, we added a feature so you can select the HERO image that appears for that Artist, you can choose from any of the images available and with 1 click save it as the default image for that Artist in that Project.

Download Artist Media

Download Role Media

A frequent request from our clients was to have a feature to allow the download of Media easily and effortlessly from the App, sometimes this was for the client to pull this media into Final Cut and edit or the Casting Client themselves wanting to have a hard copy packaged version as reference.

We made this super simple with DOWNLOAD options at every step, the Individual Artist, The Role (Including All Artists) or the Whole Project in one neat zipped up package.

Don’t worry we didn’t just dump all the files so you had no idea what file was for which Artist, we cleverly packaged them into folders under each Artists name and collated those in folders for each role, so you can quickly navigate to exactly the files you want.

Add an Artist in 1 Click

Add An Artist to your Project

We understand when you are preparing your auditions, the last thing you want is a drawn out complicated process to add an Artist, so we made it really simple, search for the person you want, if they already exist, 1 click and you’re done !

If they are Freelance or New or don’t have an AT2/AuditionMagic profile, that’s easy too, click add an artist and simply enter their name, gender and agency and hit save.

Our objective is to keep you flowing in the process and make each step along the way as simple as possible

We are live, New Site, New Features, New Year.. welcome to 2013 !

Well now we have all survived the Dec 21st end of the world and 2013 is upon us, we have some great news !

We have a new website, visit to check it out, we outline all the key features of the application as well as provide a nice little video explaining what we do in 60 seconds or less, so if you have read any of these posts and thought, what an earth I was talking about, the new video may help 🙂

We would love your feedback on the new site and for you to sign up on at least our FREE basic package and give us a trial.

If you are in Australia and an existing AT2 casting member sending briefs and searching for talent, then special offers may apply on our premium packages, so get in touch with us to learn more.

Happy 2013, we hope at Audition Magic we can make your life that little bit easier and your audition process that little bit smoother this year.

Great Client Feedback from Dave Newman

We are always wrapped to get great feedback that our application was well received by client’s clients. It is the ultimate compliment, making our clients look great to their clients, we couldn’t be happier. Recently Dave Newman, casting Director and partner in McSweeney Newman Casting, the reputable national Casting Company, used Audition Magic for his ‘Nurofen for Children TVC’ he needed to audition.

He had this to say about Audition Magic.

“Audition Magic has listened to the industry and the results are great, they have worked hard to give us exactly what we need, it’s easy to use, for us and our clients – the feedback has been great”Dave Newman- McSweeney Newman Casting .

and he was kind enough to pass on the feedback he received from his collaborators on this project the production company.

“AuditionMagic is a great platform. Really easy and organised. Great to have a voting option too”Christine Koole- Streetlife Films

Thanks for the great feedback Dave.

Audition Round Management in Audition Magic

It is often the case that multiple rounds of auditions are required to get to the final decision on selections, in Audition Magic we wanted to enhance our workflow, so not only could you manage you auditions effectively but also seamlessly select those you want to progress to the next round, allowing you the ability to maintain the history of past or earlier auditions, but also continue each round to filter down to those who are really appropriate for the Brief.

Now you can simply click the next round tag and proceed to tick off those you want to confirm to set in round 2, 3, or 26 if it’s that kind of job !

We aim to make it easy on you.

Enjoy the new feature !

Create an Individual Audition or A Group

Our BETA testing allowed us to understand the needs of the Casting Professional and those auditioning Artists, varies with every project. While a film or TV project will have a larger allotted time per Artist, typically auditioning individually and reading from a script, the Casting professional may set aside a decent time slot for these artists, especially the lead roles. Where as with the TVC Casting professionals, typically there is a lot more people to audition, time slots are shorter sometimes 5 min only and many times they are running Group Auditions, seeing a person from each key role in the one audition interacting with each other.

This meant that scheduling and setting up auditions needed to be flexible, a simple way to group people together, a way to define the time quickly and easily and for it all to be super simple for the user. Luckily we are great problem solvers, so we created a way to do this with a simple wizard to choose the type of audition you want to set up, or by simply using our advanced HTML 5 layout to simply drag an artist on another and create the group automatically, it really is pretty cool, register now and give it a try on your next project.

Welcome to the Audition Magic Dashboard

We understand that a quick overview of your project is highly important, after all, there is nothing worse than hunting for the information you want and it not being easy to find ! Well we thought we would introduce another Magic Feature into Audition Magic, THE DASHBOARD a way for you to see a pipeline of your project, see who has collaborated on the project so far, what artists require attention for media or scheduling and allow you quick visibility over your client reviews of the auditions. We also made a quick toggle to switch between projects, so managing multiple projects works like magic now in the system.