Create an Individual Audition or A Group

Our BETA testing allowed us to understand the needs of the Casting Professional and those auditioning Artists, varies with every project. While a film or TV project will have a larger allotted time per Artist, typically auditioning individually and reading from a script, the Casting professional may set aside a decent time slot for these artists, especially the lead roles. Where as with the TVC Casting professionals, typically there is a lot more people to audition, time slots are shorter sometimes 5 min only and many times they are running Group Auditions, seeing a person from each key role in the one audition interacting with each other.

This meant that scheduling and setting up auditions needed to be flexible, a simple way to group people together, a way to define the time quickly and easily and for it all to be super simple for the user. Luckily we are great problem solvers, so we created a way to do this with a simple wizard to choose the type of audition you want to set up, or by simply using our advanced HTML 5 layout to simply drag an artist on another and create the group automatically, it really is pretty cool, register now and give it a try on your next project.


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About Brad Hayden

Co-founder of the original 'Models On The Net' and 'Artists Technologies (AT) in 1995, Brad created the first successful online B2B (Business to Business) community and workflow tool of its kind in the global entertainment industry. Brad Hayden & his brother Jonathan Hayden identified the need for a more streamlined industry / community networking platform so they supplied computers and Internet connectivity to the entertainment industry in Australia and quickly had the entire industry communicating via the AT2 online system. With Brad's intensive background of over 15 years in design and it as well as his long-term knowledge of the industry, he maintains a key interest in a range of businesses focusing on management as well as product innovation and success as the market leader in online casting technologies and software-as-a-service solutions for the entertainment industry globally. Brad has a background as a professional international snow-ski racer and gymnast as well being accepted straight out of school as 1 of 30 students out of over 5,000 applicants to study a Bachelor of Industrial Design at RMIT University during which he founded the original business concept for AT2. Brad continues to inject his passion for the industry into his role as Director of AT2 and Audition Magic and continues to seek further ways of adding value to customers of these online communities.

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