Great Client Feedback from Dave Newman

We are always wrapped to get great feedback that our application was well received by client’s clients. It is the ultimate compliment, making our clients look great to their clients, we couldn’t be happier. Recently Dave Newman, casting Director and partner in McSweeney Newman Casting, the reputable national Casting Company, used Audition Magic for his ‘Nurofen for Children TVC’ he needed to audition.

He had this to say about Audition Magic.

“Audition Magic has listened to the industry and the results are great, they have worked hard to give us exactly what we need, it’s easy to use, for us and our clients – the feedback has been great”Dave Newman- McSweeney Newman Casting .

and he was kind enough to pass on the feedback he received from his collaborators on this project the production company.

“AuditionMagic is a great platform. Really easy and organised. Great to have a voting option too”Christine Koole- Streetlife Films

Thanks for the great feedback Dave.


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About Brad Hayden

Co-founder of the original 'Models On The Net' and 'Artists Technologies (AT) in 1995, Brad created the first successful online B2B (Business to Business) community and workflow tool of its kind in the global entertainment industry. Brad Hayden & his brother Jonathan Hayden identified the need for a more streamlined industry / community networking platform so they supplied computers and Internet connectivity to the entertainment industry in Australia and quickly had the entire industry communicating via the AT2 online system. With Brad's intensive background of over 15 years in design and it as well as his long-term knowledge of the industry, he maintains a key interest in a range of businesses focusing on management as well as product innovation and success as the market leader in online casting technologies and software-as-a-service solutions for the entertainment industry globally. Brad has a background as a professional international snow-ski racer and gymnast as well being accepted straight out of school as 1 of 30 students out of over 5,000 applicants to study a Bachelor of Industrial Design at RMIT University during which he founded the original business concept for AT2. Brad continues to inject his passion for the industry into his role as Director of AT2 and Audition Magic and continues to seek further ways of adding value to customers of these online communities.

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