Audition Magic is a streamlining of the Audition Process for Casting Professionals, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Producers, Directors and Agents and any company managing the submission and collaborative review and appraisal of multiple auditions of individuals.

The previous process of auditioning was previously a manual one whereby auditions were recorded, put on tape onto mini DV or DVD then Fedex’d around the world or interstate to be reviewed by the Director, Producer, Ad Agency or client.

Audition Magic does away with the manual process allowing for auditions to be uploaded easily in bulk to the cloud with auto file-conversion and media optimisation for streaming seamlessly. Audition Magic allows online review and collaborative appraisal of these artists videos where details like notes and status and statistics can be recorded and attached to the profiles of the individuals auditioning.

Audition Magic can be broadly applied to any business or company requiring an audition process where a group of candidates audition on video and their piers need to review those videos from anyway in the convenience of their own time and location.


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